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As such, chances are that you will get the opportunity to tweak each individual aspect of the curtain before making a purchase. They are designed according to specific presets so as to fit most window types without needing any further adjustments during the installation process. Who should get these Our experts told us that most people would benefit from a darker room while they sleep. With this testing method, only three of the 20 curtains we’ve tested over the years proved to be true total-blackout curtains, with just a few others coming very close. Another blessing from the best energy saving curtains is that they will Thermal Curtains soundproof your room; so, you will not bother your neighbors with your noise, but neither will they.

Consider the climatic conditions of your area before buying your preferred thermal curtains. For one, they feature a thick, triple-woven lining that blocks out up to 99 percent of light and 100 percent of UV rays, keeping your home cool in even the hottest weather. Photos: Adam Reeve In both years of testing we used a studio strobe light to flash an intense burst of light directly into the back of the curtain fabric while we simultaneously took a picture from the front; we used very light-sensitive settings to try to capture any light that came through. Soundproofing – Another useful feature of thermal curtains is their capacity to keep out unwanted noise., Sep 27 2019 on